Sunday, July 15, 2018

This is Snack Homie!

Snack Homie is the place to find snacks for home, work, or wherever. I review foods (protein bars, gum, super simple recipes, etc.) to find the best snacks that I’m usually too lazy to make. 

Snacks on snacks on snacks

There’s no exact process for what products I choose to review or feature. I might find something I want to try on Reddit or Twitter, or maybe I’ll come across some snacks while doing some late night shopping. 

If I review or post something, I bought or made it myself. However, I’m more than ready to sell out.

What’s the point of all these snacks?

The purpose of Snack Homie is to eat just a little bit healthier with the least amount of effort, and make enough money for me to buy more snacks. with some funny reviews or whatever. If we make any money off of what we do, well…that would be awesome. Currently, Weird 

What about those ads?

Yeah, I don’t like visiting websites with ads everywhere either. That being said, I will keep up an Amazon ad somewhere and most products will link to Amazon, but it won’t be like those blogs with stuff flying at you from everywhere.

Did I forget something?

If you think I should add some more details here, let me know.