RXBAR Protein Bar Review

It might be the perfect bar... at least for me.

The best not-quite-chocolate protein bar I’ve had in a long time.

Taking a bite of the RxBar

I’ve been eating packaged foods for all my life—I’m an American—but the chocolate sea salt RxBar might just be one of the best protein bars.

I’m a sucker for chocolate, so I’m biased towards chocolate flavors. The chocolate sea salt RxBar doesn’t taste quite like chocolate—but that’s okay. It tastes like Cacao and Cocoa (it has both), and I like that.

If I want to eat a protein bar that tastes like chocolate candy, I can do that (there are plenty out there). The nice thing about the RxBar is that it tastes healthy, but in the best way possible.

What’s in an RxBar?

RxBar Protein Bar Photo

RxBar ingredients

  • egg whites
  • dates
  • almonds
  • cashews
  • cacao
  • cocoa
  • sea salt
  • natural chocolate flavor

RxBar stats

  • 210 calories
  • 12g protein
  • 6g fiber

Does the RxBar taste any good?

If you like strong flavor, you might not like the RxBar as much. It’s a protein bar with subtle taste, and I’d guess that most people would think it’s far removed from being sweet… at least in the American sense.

There’s no added sugar or any type of sweetener (artificial or otherwise). And where some may find that hard to swallow (pun intended!), I think it’s actually refreshing to not have a food bar that’s been dunked in sugar or pumped full of agave syrup.

Is the RxBar healthy?

I’d say so. The six ingredients are healthy in their own right, so why wouldn’t they be healthy together? Okay… on further thought that seems like flawed logic, but really, the ingredients speak for themselves.

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